Our Mission


To provide quality day programmes in safe and home-like surroundings for people with dementia and related disorders, while offering guidance and support to their carers.

Our Vision


To be:

  • A respected leader in the development and provision of community based primary care for people with dementia and in the support and advice provided for their carers.

  • A strong, well informed and effective advocate for people living with dementia.

  • An effective part of the primary care system, working in partnership with other providers and delivering measurable outcomes in terms of quality of life, cost of service and access for members and their families.

Our Aim

The Chelsea and Marsden Day Care Trusts operate under the names of the Chelsea Club and Marsden Club. Both clubs operate from houses in the Wellington suburbs of Lyall Bay and Karori.  A high quality professional day care programme for people with memory loss from Alzheimers disease or other related disorders in a socially stimulating home-like environment is provided.


Support and guidance is offered to families and carers of members.


The clubs use a mix of professional caregivers and carefully selected volunteer assistants who are committed to provide a high ratio of care.This makes it possible for members to enjoy a wide and varied range of activities appropriate to their abilities and interests.


We are very grateful to the NZ Lottery Grants Board, Irene Baker Foy, Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGs), and the T.G. McCarthy Trust for the grants which help with the day to day running of the clubs.

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